All Natural?  
Assorted fruits and vegetables, Assorted mechanical fasteners

With its unexpected and unlikely composition, this series of “manufactured” produce was carefully fabricated to provoke an awareness and consideration of our food’s origins.  In addition to being both amusing and mildly disturbing, the series seeks to raise serious questions in the viewer’s mind of where to draw the line with manufactured and processed food.

Broccoli Banana   Carrot Zucchini
Apple Orange Tomato   Mushroom Brussel
The final product was a series of four digital prints of my creations. As they are intended to provoke thought about what we eat and how our food is "made", I envisioned hanging these prints in an area where people eat - restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias.


  Fruit Array Slicing Slices
The initial spread of fruits and vegetables Each of the four pieces was carefully sliced and hand-crafted to fit together seamlessly A great deal of exploration and spontaneity went into designing each piece
Stitching Banana Prototype
In addition to providing visual effect, each fastener was actually necessary to hold the piece together The crude assembly methods gave each piece a "Frankenstein" appearance An early prototype experimenting with arrangement of various produce