CURIOUS: A Contemplation in Teak Front  
Teak veneer, fluorescent tube lighting

Examined from different distances and angles, this seemingly simple piece presents a spectrum of intricacies and fascinations that draw the viewer in close to explore and enjoy the illuminated woodgrain.  Created as a personal statement, the piece invites viewers to see the world as I do: dwelling on the smallest of details, carefully reflecting on every curve and contour, exploring from every angle and perspective, and allowing oneself to be wholly curious and contemplative.

It is only once the viewer walks around the piece to explore the other side that they are rewarded with the most interesting and complex contours. In particular, viewers are drawn to a narrow opening with light leaking out, compelled to peer into the crevice to answer the question "what's inside?"

This piece was included in the exhibition Design Unassigned at the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery in Spring 2010.

Rear Silhouette Stones


  Woodgrain4 Woodgrain2 Woodgrain5 Woodgrain1  
I was so surprised the first time I placed a piece of wood veneer in front of a lamp. I loved how the woodgrain was illuminated,
and was fascinated by the visual texture and warmth (both literal and visual) that shone through


  String Holes Frame  

Early exploration of form with a dropped
string on paper

Cutting out holes for a frame around which
to wrap and reshape the teak veneer

The completed frame with PVC pipe to
support the 8'x4' teak veneer sheet
Sheet Watering Drying
Wetting the 8'x4' veneer sheet to soften the
wood fibers to allow it to be reshaped
Constant watering to prevent the veneer from
drying out while being wrapped on the frame

Wood veneer drying after being fixtured in
place around the frame