Disaster Shelter    
designed with Andrew Murphy

This project entailed creating a solution for an inexpensive, easily distributed, lightweight disaster shelter that could be deployed in remote and developing regions of the world for use in large quantities following massive disaster events. Our focus was on designing a shelter that could be distributed to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.  This meant maximized efficiency of packing, minimized cost, and instant usability - three goals we successfully achieved with our design. Rapid prototyping was the key to our success in this project, as it allowed us to quickly test our theories and iterate toward toward a more effective solution.

Disaster Shelter


We found inspiration in analogous spaces, like inflatable life jackets, expanding spray foam insulation, and automobile air bags, although we were especially drawn to the pop-up laundry hamper.  We found its flat storage, easy unfolding, and sturdy skeleton structure especially relevant to the problem at hand.
Sketch First Prototype Folding Up
Preliminary sketch First prototype of concept Experimenting with folding for shipping
Prototyping Space Spring Prototypes
Prototyping physical space for floorplan Collapsible for efficient shipping and easy assembly Array of iterations on design