Transformation Lamp UnlitIlluminated  
Polystyrene, Fluorescent Tube Lighting, Aluminum

In its off state, this floor lamp fades into the background of a room as an unobtrusive, anonymous white box. However, when switched on, the lamp makes an unexpected transformation and immediately becomes the focal point with its mesmerizing overlapping arcs and shades of blue, gray, lavender and violet.

Reflecting my emerging design language, I used pure, simple geometries, with clean edges and minimal color. Straight lines are balanced with gentle curves, and the entire piece is both highly rational and emotional at the same time.

Interestingly, I had initially planned for the lamp to give a warm orange-yellow glow.  However, when I turned on the lamp for the first time without any color filter inside, I immediately fell in love with the shades of blues and purples that appeared.

This piece was included in the exhibition Design Unassigned at the Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery in Spring 2010.